Louisville teen creates free Path2Programming computer science class

One person really can make a difference in the world, but only if they are willing to try. 

This is the mindset of an empathic 17-year-old Louisville high school student who is using his own expertise in computer science to provide fellow Kentuckians with the tools they need to start down a new career path. 

Aditya Gollamudi, who goes by Adi, is a junior at duPont Manual High School in the Math, Science and Technology Magnet. He’s recently launched a curriculum of free online computer science lessons for adults called Path2Programming.

Gollamudi’s goal is to assist people, especially those living in Eastern and Western Kentucky, explore computer science and related career opportunities. He’s spent his spare time over the past two years designing an easy-to-understand series of classes that teach participants to code, website development, and the computer skills to start a new and lucrative career.  






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