Low intake of zinc: 6 signs that indicates you need to increase your zinc intake

Our body requires different kinds of minerals and vitamins in certain amounts to keep the internal function going. When any nutrient is not made available to it in the required quantity, it leads to disturbance in the overall functioning and the signs can be visible in different parts of our body. Zinc is one of the minerals required by our body to activate over 300 enzymes that work to build immunity, cell division, cell growth and proteins and DNA synthesis. Found in a limited quantity in foods we eat, our body cannot store this nutrient. That means it needs to be consumed regularly. Men above 14 years must consume 11 mg of zinc daily, while women above 14 need 8 mg. For pregnant women, the recommended daily intake of zinc is 11 mg and for breastfeeding women, it is 12 mg. Here are some signs that you need to increase your zinc intake.






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