Meal prep with this all purpose taco-seasoned ground beef recipe

When it comes to meal prepping, my best advice is this: get a list of things that you and your family like that can also be stored in the freezer. Make them in double batches. Freeze half. Accept the praise. 

The “what’s for dinner” question is such an endless part of life, whether we live alone or in larger groups. The evening meal rolls around once per day and feeding ourselves is part of life. 

There are certain types of meals that absolutely do better than others when made in advance: soups, slow-cooker meals, pasta bakes and casseroles are all wonderful options to have in the fridge or freezer after a long day. 

I find that nostalgic, “regular” recipes tend to play well with kids and crowds and having a few basic recipes that everyone likes is a great way to Get Food In People without a lot of fuss. This ground beef works well with literally any kind of Mexican meal, stores beautifully in the fridge, and freezes like a dream for nights when we “Just. Can’t. Even.” 






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