Medical Expenses Deduction: Which medical expenses are deductible?

Medical expenses can take a considerable part of your budget. We live in times where it is important to destine part of your earnings to your health.

The IRS allows you to deduct unreimbursed expenses for healthcare treatments, surgeries, dental, vision care, and preventive care.

You can deduct out-of-pocket expenses that total more than 7.5% of your adjusted gross income

However, if you need to travel to see the doctor, the IRS allows deducting expenses that you pay to travel for your health care.

Car mileage, bus fare, and parking fees are part of the deductions the IRS has for you.

Which medical expenses are deductible?

Adaptive equipment

Wheelchair, bath chairs, and any items needed for a disability are deductible.

Artificial teeth, prosthetic devices, special telephone equipment, or a telecommunications device for deaf or hard hearing people are deductible.

Cost of newborns

Breast pumps and nursing supplies to assist lactation and prescripted baby formula are deductible.


Blood-testing kits, batteries, insulin are deductible.

Eye and ear-related

Eye exams, contact lenses, lens solutions, and cleaner, prescriptions eyeglasses are deductible if you don’t have a vision plan on your insurance.

Eye surgery such as LASIK, radial keratotomy to treat vision problems, hearing exams, hearing aids and batteries, Braille teaching programs, lip-reading, or language training caused by a congenital disability are deductible.

Disability accommodations

Home improvements to renovate your home to accommodate a disability are deductible costs.

Building ramps, widening doorways, modifying parts of your house to add support bars are deductibles.

Only reasonable costs to accommodate a home for a person with a disability are considered medical care.

Home care

The cost of a personal attendant is deductible. It doesn’t include housecleaning costs.

Condition-specific foods

If you have obesity or hypertension, the cost of special food is deductible. Food must be related to alleviate or treat the illness.

Other deductible expenses

-Alternative treatments

-Meals and hospital lodging

-Organ transplants

-Cost of admission and transportation to medical conferences

-Substance use disorders

-Reproductive health

-Service animals

-Dental treatment

-Smoking cessation programs

-Tutoring for children with disabilities

-Travel to doctors, pharmacies, and therapy sessions

-Weight loss programs

-Wigs for cancer patients

How do I claim expense deductions?

Fill the Schedule A Form 1040 or 1040-SR when filing your federal income tax return.






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