Meditate with Urmila: Why to concentrate in meditation

Why should one learn to concentrate in meditation? For peace? Peace is just one aspect of life. There are more hidden treasures. The real gem is to discover the true, core, essential self of who you truly are.

Spiritual connection can be enhanced only through concentration. Connection with our own self: own emotions, mind and body is possible through concentration. We may think this is who I am, this is what I am, however, that is one definition of self which is utilized to make our space in this physical world and negotiate it.

An individual soul is much more than what is known about self in the material/physical world. Since we are spiritual beings in this physical body, we will get to know our spiritual self, that version, a higher definition of self, through concentration, pausing of all thoughts. An individual soul that is deeper, far and beyond what we think we are. We discover our essence when we master concentration.

Concentration helps to clear our energy debris which we start to accumulate as we grow. What is this energy debris? The energy of others that we start thinking is us, starting from parents to school, friends, workspace, institutions, colleagues and so on. For example, when parents say: ‘this is not possible, I know, I have been there before. I know better.’ When, we don’t question ‘their’ beliefs, stemmed out of ‘their’ own experience/s, accept it as our own and start believing it so. Similar can be the case with friends, colleagues etc.

The energy debris blocks our own light. Our own light gets dim as layers and layers of debris starts to cloud our energy field as we grow.

Concentration leads to expansion

When we focus/ concentrate/pause on an aspect, we get to the truth of it. With concentration, healings take place, newer life scripts can be written. When you concentrate, you unlock the door of your own expansiveness.

Mind is a tool to process the information. Heart is the gateway to unlock the consciousness. In stillness and peace, concentration develops; still the body, still the mind. Learn to cultivate stillness within the ensuing chaos, inner and/ or outer. That is the first step, it takes practice. Once you learn to cut down the noise or focus amidst the noise, you are halfway there.

Benefits of concentration

In concentration, you can lower down the speed of your thoughts, when thoughts are minimized (till they are gone), you will gain clarity on your affairs.

As you pause/ concentrate, you are able to integrate things/ happenings, basically the information and clues lived, hidden in the day. You will be able to gain clarity on whatever you intend to gain clarity on. Intend.

Most of us run too fast in our daily lives without pausing, without meditating, without accessing the information, without re-viewing about our day, our lives, the way we lived a day, days and the way we live our lives. Objects, events, experiences, all hold information. It is being broadcast all the time. Only if one pauses, can one listen to them.

How many re-view the day before calling the day off? Re-view all the events without getting involved. Watch the events occurred during the day from the lens of neutrality and access the information. Concentrating, pausing allows doing that. It is a skill that can be learned to be utilised in all manner to better our lives. You will notice that lessons, messages, information about self, about events, everything you need to know to move to better version of the self is available.

Most get absorbed into the drama. This stage can be crossed to move to the higher phases of meditation, when it is known how to handle life, how to balance earthly and spiritual life. Peace will prevail and meditation can be utilized for higher goals.

Disclaimer: Urmila Rao is an emotional healer and a forgiveness teacher. All the ideas expressed herein are her own, and not professional advice or medical prescription. Her website is: Email: [email protected]






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