Meghan Markle news latest – Duchess’ top secret night out with Prince Harry and Eugenie drives royal fans WILD

Harry’s cousin stars in milk advert 

Peter Phillips, often referred to as “the Queen’s favourite grandchild”, has starred in a milk advert for Chinese television stations. He appears on the 30-second television advert with the caption “British Royal Family member Peter Phillips”.

The unedifying scenes show Harry’s first cousin, Peter — now 15th in line to the throne — in dinner jacket and bow tie staring out of the window of a palatial house as a state carriage draws up.

It suggests he is watching the arrival of the monarch at a royal palace. The ad is spliced with images of a country pile, thought to be Longleat House in Wiltshire, and a replica of a royal carriage.

Dad-of-two Peter, 42, tells viewers: “As children, we used to spend a lot of time down at the dairy.

“There was a herd of Jersey cattle at Windsor and we were brought up on it [the milk]. And it was always much fuller of flavour, much creamier than other milks we had growing up.”

It is not known if he was paid for his appearance, but he could command a fee in the tens of thousands. The ad has raised questions about royals for rent and how members of the wider family should earn a crust without tarnishing the Windsor brand.

Peter’s toe-curling promo is a stark warning to Harry and Meghan of the perils of swapping a royal life for the commercial world.

And, after all, now that Meghan and Harry are independent of the Royal Family there is nothing to stop them indulging in similar commercial deals.






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