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The at-home hair salon is officially closed for business. 

As the live, laugh, love mum says, ‘Invest in your hair; it’s the crown you never take off’. With this in mind, I should mention that investment tip numero uno is finding yourself a trusted hairstylist.

You know the type; they’ll honestly advise you against wispy bangs and are always prepared to steer you away from bleach post-mental breakdown. While our motivations for getting a haircut may vary, I’m sure we can all agree on one thing – we want a quality haircut.

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And while quality is essential, a promising hairdresser should also be clued in on the latest trends – these days, it pays to look less Willy Wonka and more Farrah Fawcett. That’s why I, and many others, perform a pre-appointment ritual before booking.

For me, the performance begins with stalking the salon’s Instagram page, perfecting the phrasing of my hair desires and sourcing the latest trends on Pinterest, all while trying to stay realistic.

And while I would love to mimic the luscious locks of Matilda Djerf, my dead-straight hair refuses. But luckily enough, a plethora of celebrities, influencers and regular people with very good hair exist to provide some hair-spiration. Below, some of our favourite Melbourne creatives dish where they get their hair done. 

Coco Smith, model 

Travelling between Melbourne and Sydney for work, and doing different hair shoots, means that there’s not much consistency when it comes to where I get my hair done. This works for me as I get inspired by and learn how different professionals work with and style my hair. For this reason, I’ve found checking through a hairstylist’s Instagram if you’re going in for a first time cut can help you understand their specialties and experience.

It really IS a craft, and seeing that a hairdresser is comfortable working with my cut and curls means that I can sit back and relax while they go to work. Oh, and that head massage is pretty fucking tight. My latest cut was done by the incredible Xeneb Allen (@curlysiouxsie) at her beautiful studio in the Nicholas Building.

It’s taken a few years to understand my natural hair texture, and part of this process was switching from a blunt cut to a layered shag. Xeneb is a master in dry-cutting, styling shags and layered do’s – coming out of lockdown, my hair needed some serious work. Xeneb freshened up the layers, reworked my fringe and was able to sort me out just in time for fashion week without making too much of a drastic change. 

When I’m in Sydney, Laura Spinney (@laura.spinney.creative), aka ‘mullet mommy’, sorts me out. Laura has done some of my favourite cuts, each time creating weightlessness in my layers and exploring a more androgynous shape, something I LOVE. I always feel super confident and tough leaving her salon. Somehow, she nails it. Every. Single. Time.  


Sabina Mckenna, content creator, model and writer

I get my hair done in Elwood at my friend’s hair salon, @hairbycamimelboune. She specialises in working with curly, kinky and afro-textured hair, which most other hairdressers do not. I believe a hairdresser should be skilled at treating all hair types, including afro-textured hair.

The experience for people with those hair types should not be any different from the level of care, service, and expertise that others receive. That is definitely what I love about seeing Cami – it is very rare to find. I went last Friday! I got my blonde highlights redone. It’s always a nice experience and a relief to be in the hands of someone I know I can trust and who knows what they’re doing.


Courtney Holm, founder of A.BCH

I used to get hairdresser anxiety. I dreaded going, sitting for hours, feeling the pressure to talk, getting in my head and feeling so very awkward, so much so that I used to get my hair done once a year – much to the dismay of whoever had to deal with my hair on that next appointment.

The A.BCH studio was previously located on St Georges Rd in Fitzroy North. One day, while cleaning graffiti off our shop window, a friendly guy from Oxhey and Bushey, the hairdresser next door, offered to do my hair. After that one visit, I started going a lot more regularly; yearly hair appointments became six-monthly and then every few months (pre lockdown). 

Even though we’re no longer neighbours, I love going back there for my appointments, and I think it’s safe to say I no longer have hairdresser anxiety. Jacob Bonanno is the owner of Oxhey and Bushey and my wonderful hairdresser who came up to me all those years ago. I love going to him to get my hair done, and after the last lockdown, this trip felt especially luxurious.


Ruby Stayley, freelance writer

I’m someone who would cut and colour my hair myself religiously. I only recently started seeing a hairdresser around three years ago when I started getting it properly bleached. At the moment, I’m actually in the process of moving hairdressers from my friend Hannah (@hannah_studiocanvas), who is wonderful but based back in my hometown, to someone a little closer to where I’m living in Melbourne now.

I’m in the process of dreaming up a new look (mullet? colour? bleached brows?) and am enlisting the lovely Madison (@madisonbymadison22) to get me out of my hair comfort zone. Fingers crossed it’s a match made in heaven!


Cait Emma Burke, Fashion Journal’s Digital Editor

When people ask me where I get my hair done, I’m always only too happy to point them in the direction of Human Salon. I’ve been seeing them at their Curtin House salon for at least four or so years now. I love going there. Candice and Helen, the salon’s co-owners, are the loveliest. Perhaps this isn’t as important to everyone in search of a hairdresser, but they really understand fashion and style and how much hair impacts how we feel about our aesthetic.

They always have the best selection of fashion magazines (the expensive international ones, too) and serve you a freshly brewed tea of your choice (I opt for mint) and a homemade shortbread cookie. They also stock the best array of products – they’re the reason I discovered my holy grail hair product, Motion Lotion by Kevin Murphy.

My hair idol for much of my adult life has been Drew Barrymore in Charlie’s Angels (I’m nothing if not consistent). I’m a big believer in taking a photo of your ideal hair to your hairdresser – ever since I’ve done this, I get the results I’m after.

At Human, they understand colour really well. All those years back when I went to them with my Drew Barrymore picture, they managed to nail the colour and cut so exactly that I’ve pretty much got the exact same all over peachy-orange tint every single time since.


Camilia Moore, artist and model 

I usually do my hair by myself or get it done by my mother. My mum has been doing my hair for as long as I can remember. I enjoy the process because we try fun styles together and experiment with new products.

The number one thing that keeps me going back to my ma for my hair or doing it by myself is the fact that she and I know my hair type the best, and it gets done very fast. Also, the whole process is enjoyable because we’re able to chat, laugh and bond. The last time I got my hair done was done by me. I did faux locs (aka my favourite hairstyle atm), and I absolutely love it! 


This article was originally published on December 26, 2021.

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