Michigan secretary of state nominee echoes Trump’s election denials

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Michigan secretary of state nominee echoes Trump’s election denials

Michigan’s contest shows how the election for the previously obscure secretary of state office in swing states has been thrust into national prominence due to Trump’s claims of a stolen election.

Hannah Schoenbaum

Medill News Service

  • The usually under-the-radar race for Michigan secretary of State has burst into national prominence.
  • Democrat Jocelyn Benson holds the office in charge of overseeing Michigan’s election structure.
  • Republican challenger Kristina Karamo is echoing Trump’s baseless claims of a 2020 stolen election.
  • Michigan is one of several swing states where election deniers are vying for secretary of State.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – The GOP’s choice to run the office overseeing Michigan’s election system continues to echo former president Donald Trump’s unproven claims of a stolen election in 2020.

A self-proclaimed anti-vaxxer who opposes teaching evolution in schools, Kristina Karamo has been endorsed by state Republicans to be the next secretary of state, an office that would make her the Wolverine State’s top election official.

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