New MRI technology helps children

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI) – Children facing seizures or brain tumors have new technology available at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City.

The first patient to benefit from it is from Idaho Falls.

Heidi and Olivia Jones were introduced Tuesday morning in an online news conference.

Olivia started having strong headaches for several months that grew worse. 

They sought help in Idaho Falls but were quickly referred to Primary Children’s Hospital when a tumor was found on her brain stem.

Primary Children’s has a new procedure specifically designed for children.

It allows surgeons to do an MRI during brain surgery.

With the real time data, they say they can better ensure all of the tumor is removed while saving healthy brain tissue…

“It is an MRI machine that is directly in the operating room,” Pediatric neurosurgeon Samuel Cheshier said. “This is a huge advantage for a neurosurgeon because it helps understand the autonomy of the brain in real time. As we are operating on the brain we are not actually exposing the entire brain during the procedure. We are exposing only a very small window of the brain.”

 “As a parent it is scary to get a diagnosis like that especially when you don’t think something that drastic is going to be wrong,” Jones said. “We are so grateful that every technology that they have available could be used to treat her in that moment.”

Olivia’s mom says Olivia is doing well after the surgery in October. 

Primary Children’s says it is the only pediatric hospital in the Intermountain West to use this equipment.






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