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The most recent phenomenon around cryptocurrencies are non-fungible tokens, better known as NFTs.

These elements have transformed the market for digital assets, and areas such as medicine, art, education, real estate and events have begun to use them.

What are NFTs?

NFTs are a data unit that certifies a unique and unrepeatable digital asset. For example, we can imagine them as the chips that are used in the casino to be able to exchange and pay for certain things within this same digital ecosystem.

This computer representation of currency maintains its value and acquires a specific code that verifies its authenticity. In addition, it can be transmitted in the market dynamics.

On the other hand, since these are exclusive digital objects, they could one day be worth millions of dollars.

Now we show you what are the platforms where you can sell your work and art as NFT on the internet.

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Open Sea

It is the quintessential NFT platform. It is easy to use, so just connect the wallet, upload the file to be converted and give it a name.

Using it does not require any type of commission. However, they charge 2.5% of the sale price.

Also, when your NFT is for sale, you can choose to put a fixed price on direct sales or sell it by auction. Different rewards can also be configured. Thus, if someone shares the link and manages to sell it, they get a small percentage of the sale.

Once sold, you will receive the money in the crypto wallet you are using.

Open Sea

OpenSea platform interface. NFTs are bought and sold here.


It is very similar to OpenSea and stands out for its easy operation. All you need to do is connect your portfolio, upload your file, and list.

The platform charges a 2.5% fee every time a sale is made. It also charges 2.5% to the buyer and 5% in commissions.

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One advantage that Rarible has is that it has its own token, the RARI. This creates incentives for userssince every time an NFT is bought and sold, RARIS are received within the platform.


Platform where you can buy art with NFT.


This platform has easy NFT creation. All you need to do is create a user, upload the file with a title and put it up for sale. One of the great advantages of this page is that when uploading a normal file, she keeps 5% of the money from the salebut if you pay the cost of uploading the file, they only keep 2.5% of the money.

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On the other hand, if you decide not to pay the NFT, it will not appear in other markets. It would only be created in the Mintable and will be registered and available for purchase.


This platform for easy creation and sale of NFTs.

super rare

It is an exclusive platform for artists. Only edition items are sold that are by a single artist.

To publish, it is necessary to fill out a contact form with the artist’s profile and only a few profiles are received per month.

When uploading the files, the artist must prove that it is original and created by him. A short video must be uploaded with the story behind the work and the reason why you want to upload it to SuperRare.

super rare

Exclusive platform for artists to sell NFTs.


Super Rare Platform

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