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In addition, the actress originally from Honolulu, Hawaii continues to captivate with her beauty on the cover of important magazines, as she recently did on the front page of ‘Vanity Fair’where she risked becoming a schoolgirl.

Nicole Kidman posed as a schoolgirl for ‘Vanity Fair’ magazine

At 54 years of age, Nicole Kidman She showed that she has an impact figure, with super shapely abs included, which were shown off in all their splendor thanks to a revealing Miu Miu schoolgirl look.

The Oscar winner for her work in ‘The Hours’ posed for the camera wearing a miniskirt almost the same width as the top that covered her bust. This set was matched with high socks and pointed loafers.

Nicole’s look, which radiated nostalgia for Britney Spears’ iconic schoolgirl outfit in ‘Baby one more time’, was selected by the fashion stylist Katie EleanorGrand for Kidman to dazzle on one of the special covers of the 28th anniversary of ‘Vanity Fair’ magazine. (Swipe right to see the final photo)

The photo of Nicole Kidman dressed as a schoolgirl caused controversy

Vanity Fair celebrated its 28th anniversary with eight special covers starring Idris Elba, Penélope Cruz, Kristen Stewart, Benedict Cumberbatch, Simu Liu, Andrew Garfield, MJ Rodriguez and Nicole Kidman.

Among all these, Nicole’s cover was the one that had the most responses on social networks, adding more than 81 thousand likes in one day, on the magazine’s official Instagram profile.

In addition, on Nicole’s personal account, her followers have shown their liking for the photo with more than 236 thousand likes.

“Queen”, “Precious”, “You are beautiful, Queen of Holllywood”, “You are so perfect”, “A real goddess who lives on earth” were some of the comments that applauded her beauty in this publication.

However, not all of his fans agreed. Many agreed that the outfit was not appropriate for Nicole, mainly because they believe that, being an established actress with one of the most successful careers in the industry, she should not be dressed as a teenager.

“She is an accomplished actress who is nominated for an Oscar. Why is she dressed like a schoolgirl? She is not well ”, she reads in a comment that adds more than 1700 likes.

“One of the most prolific (and also most beautiful) actresses and she is presented as a schoolgirl dressed in skimpy clothes. In 2022, who thought this was a good idea? The mind is stunned “wrote another user with whom more than a thousand people agreed.

Others accused the magazine of having retouched the actress in excess and expressed their skepticism that she really has this silhouette.

“This looks terrible and grossly photoshopped”, “This is photoshopped to hell and back”, “Crazy! Why Photoshop? are some of the messages regarding photo retouching.

Actually, most of the opinions that disapproved the Nicole Kidman cover They did not show a negative attitude towards the actress, as they applaud her achievements and everything she has achieved in Hollywood. However, her rejection of the photo is focused on the choice of outfit.

“I am confused by this style choice. Not because it doesn’t look good, not because it’s revealing and not because women can wear anything at any age, it’s just that it’s weird that she was dressed in a schoolgirl outfit. I’ll give you this: If this image doesn’t sum up the last 28 years of Hollywood, I don’t know what does,” another Instagram user wrote.

With comments similar to the previous one, many netizens made it clear that a woman is free to dress however she wants, just as the actress did. And you, what do you think about the cover of Nicole Kidman?

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