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MCLEAN, Va., Feb. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC), the trade association representing the national capital region’s technology community, today announced its strategic plan co-developed by Attain Partners, a leading strategy, technology, and compliance consulting firm. The strategic plan outlines the Council’s approach for growth over the next five years beginning in 2022.

Having celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2021, NVTC collaborated with Attain Partners to develop goals that will foster continued evolution and innovation for the organization as it embarks on its next 30 years. Honored to serve as strategic advisors to NVTC, Attain Partners’ experts volunteered their time and expertise to outline four key strategic priorities that will allow NVTC to pursue its vision “to be the most vibrant and collaborative technology community in the world.”

“As we celebrate three decades of tech evolution and service to the community, NVTC and its nearly 500 member companies are looking ahead. The success of our tech community is dependent upon—and will be driven by—the next generation of talent and the investments we make here in our region,” said Jennifer Taylor, president and CEO, NVTC. “Attain Partners understands our vision and helped shape our five-year strategic roadmap for NVTC. The plan serves as our guiding compass to create a diverse and inclusive community where innovation and technology thrive at the highest level.”

Attain Partners’ Managing Director and Practice Lead, Reshma Patel-Jackson, led the development of the NVTC strategic plan outlining four strategic priorities to help NVTC fuel its mission to accelerate innovation and promote a world-class workforce.

“We focus on working with clients to align short-term tactical moves with long-term strategic goals. Based on extensive stakeholder outreach, rigorous benchmarking, and the latest market research, we developed a plan for NVTC that will not only unite the Council around a shared vision, but also provide actionable steps for execution,” said Patel-Jackson. “Our strategic planning process considers the implications of implementation to ensure initiatives are feasible, actionable, and capable of yielding successful business outcomes for our clients. NVTC’s mission is critical to the economic growth of our region and this strategic roadmap will guide the Council’s execution of its strategies and actions with a built-in performance framework to ensure success.”

“At the highest level, NVTC’s role in connection with its member companies is focused on two primary pillars. The first is related to talent—filling the technology talent pipeline and supporting the needs of our region’s tech companies. The second involves innovation—ensuring that Greater Washington remains positioned as one of the top regions in the country—and world—where entrepreneurs can develop the next generation of technologies to advance our economy,” said Greg Baroni, founder and CEO of Attain Partners and NVTC board chair. “This strategic plan fuels NVTC with its purpose and provides the framework needed to both develop talent and foster innovation as the Council continues to evolve and grow.”

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