Northwood tech gets new mascot: ‘Blaze the Bear’ – Duluth News Tribune

RICE LAKE, Wis. — Northwood Technical College announced its new mascot, Blaze the Bear, this week.

According to a news release, the bear represents four themes relatable to the student body.

The name, Blaze, short for the term trailblazer, is intended to honor student determination and innovation.

“The mascot costume portrays a determined and focused bear blazing a trail toward its goals, mirroring the 2D image developed last year of Blaze’s head,” associate vice president of marketing and communications, Jen Vogtman, said.

The choice of Blaze the Bear was made by student-centered groups, the Student Senate, and the student body. Northwood accepted public submissions for the name and type of mascot.

“We’re really excited to announce the arrival of Blaze to the public and to start having Blaze appear at our campus events and student skills
competitions. Blaze represents our students and symbolizes their hard work and resilience. We wanted a symbol to capture the spirit of our students and recognize their successes,” Northwood Technical College president John Will said.

The costume for Blaze was delivered to the college in March.






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