Norton Saint-Gobain sponsors USA Luge Olympic tram for over 40 years

Summer Britcher from USA Luge steers a sled, wears a helmet and dons a racing uniform that all have Norton Saint-Gobain logos on them during the World Cup last month in Switzerland. Britcher and USA Luge, currently in China for the 2022 Winter Games, are sponsored by the Worcester-based company Norton Saint-Gobain.

WORCESTER — As the USA Luge team competes at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing this week, the athletes will be sporting a connection to Worcester through a partnership with manufacturer Norton Saint-Gobain that goes back more than 40 years.

Worcester-based Norton Abrasives sponsors the USA Luge team, collaborating on technical aspects of the team’s sleds and getting the athletes from event to event every year.

The relationship between Norton Saint-Gobain and the USA Luge team began in 1979, when the team’s volunteer marketing committee reached out to Norton asking for sandpaper to polish their runners, the main steering mechanism of the sled made of steel.

“Reducing friction is very important in our sport, and the runners that come in contact with the ice need to be very highly polished and smooth,” Gordy Sheer, director of marketing and sponsorship for USA Luge, said.






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