Patti’s Pit Stop hands out free meals for Patti Misko Memorial Community Meal at The Warming Shelter

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) – A local family-owned food truck is doing their part to help the community — and they’re hoping to inspire others to do the same.

Patti’s Pit Stop is well-known for its barbecue. Home based in Correctionville, the food truck has won several Ida County Cookout awards, as well as as People’s Choice in the 2019 Ribfest.

However, spaghetti and garlic bread was on the menu on Saturday, as they handed out free meals outside of the The Warming Shelter in Sioux City for their second annual Patti Misko Memorial Community Meal.

“Well, my wife was diagnosed with heart disease, and I come home from work one day, she’d signed me up for a rib cooking contest, the Rib Fest there at the Hard Rock for Camp High Hopes,” said Loren Misko, owner of Patti’s Pit Stop. “And we enjoyed it so much that we’ve been doing it every year since 2018. We’ve been lucky to win a couple of trophies and it’s kind of inspired us. Thought maybe we’re pretty good at it. And volunteering makes the heart feel wonderful so that’s what’s getting us here.”

Loren Misko handed out more than 400 meals in the community last year. This year, nearly 10 volunteers joined him to hand out personal care supplies, snacks and quilts.

While many who grabbed the meals were those staying at the warming shelter, Misko made it clear, anyone who came to the truck could get a free plate of food.

He hopes to inspire other restaurants and food truck owners to join his efforts in the future.

“Sometime we all get a turn at having a hard day,” said Misko. “Everybody should help out when they can. We’d like to kinda challenge other concessioneers and restaurants, you know, one meal, one time. It’s a big help for these folks. You know, be the change.”

Along with this meal, Misko also holds other charitable events throughout the warmer months. But on this day, he brought the warmth to the community with his food and kindness.

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