Pilot Company, Flying J truck stops, gas station store set to remodel

One of the country’s largest travel center brands wants to make your pit stops more fun with fresh-cut fruit, upgraded bathrooms and self-checkout to get you back on the road faster. 

To prepare for the future of travel and meet changing customer needs, Pilot Company is spending $1 billion to transform 400 of its Pilot Flying J truck stops into more welcoming, clean and comfortable spaces. 

More than 50 Pilot locations across North America will be renovated in 2022, the first phase of a three-year overhaul. 

With this largest-ever store investment, customers can expect a more consistent experience across the network of 670 Pilot travel centers. Renovated stores will feature larger bathrooms and dining areas, upgraded amenities for professional drivers and new technology. 

“It’s brighter, it’s well-lit, guests can get in and out of our locations, find what they need just way easier than they have before,” said Allison Cornish, vice president of store modernization.

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Survey says: clean and convenient

Pilot travel centers across the country will soon have new bright, consistent branding. This Pilot, which opened in February in Albuquerque, is an example of how 400 Pilot travel centers will be built or renovated in the next three years.

To rethink its travel centers, Pilot surveyed thousands of customers and heard their wishes for more food options, cleaner, larger restrooms and a speedier experience. 

Some of the reviews were “tough,” Pilot CEO Shameek Konar said, but the company needed to understand how it could make the in-store experience outstanding for consumers returning to travel and deciding where to spend their money. 

In an industry where there’s a competitor at every highway exit, innovation and unique shopping experiences are key to attracting and retaining customers. The National Association of Truck Stop Operators alone represents more than 2,000 truck stops owned by more than 220 companies. 






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