Pink drink recipes for a rosy Valentine’Day

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Pomegranate Fizz. It’s a party for two with this ultra small-batch punch recipe! A touch of citrus and tart pomegranate juice paired with gin, curaçao and sparkling wine make a festive drink, indeed.

Classic Paloma. The Paloma is perhaps an underrated, and very simple, cocktail. Mix tequila with grapefruit soda for a fizzy, pink and refreshing beverage.

Becky’s Back at It. Make a berry syrup using frozen berries, then use it to make this lovely pink cocktail with a fluffy egg-white top. You can use the rest of that berry syrup to top ice cream, or pancakes and more!

Strawberry-Jalapeno Non-a-Rita (or Margarita). Make a spicy-sweet syrup with strawberry preserves and jalapenos, then use it to make this excellent margarita, tequila optional. Don’t shy away from preserves or jam in cocktails! You can use raspberry jam to make this Jammartini, a fruity play off a martini.

The Amarose. Rosehip-hibiscus tea plus rose water plus rose lemonade gives this sparkling pink cocktail floral tones, which are counterbalanced with botanical gin and bittersweet Aperol.

Gin around the Rosé. This twist on a martini is a rose-gold hue thanks to Cocchi Rosa, a mildly bittersweet aromatized wine. If you can’t find that, use Lillet Rosé, and cut the pinch of salt from the recipe. Want another drink based on rosé? Try Rose on Rose, which pairs dry sparkling rosé with an Italian liqueur with notes of bergamot called Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto. You could swap that liqueur if you can’t find it with a peach or ginger liqueur as you like.

Hedge Your Bets. There are pretty wonderful nonalcoholic “spirits” out there, and this grapefruit-forward cocktail features one of them called Seedlip. Fruit preserves boost the pink into ruddier territory.

Cherry Vamp. I’ll admit it. This one is red. However, it is perfect for Valentine’s Day because you’re mixing tart cherry juice with chocolate bitters! It’s begging to be on your Valentine’s spread! And it’s a great option for a low-proof drink — all the alcohol is from the half teaspoon of bitters. As for actually pink cherry drinks, you can make Cherry and the Cane or the Tidal Basin Picnic Special.

Strawberry Almond Milk. Nobody said you have to have a cocktail. If you want a strawberry milkshake but don’t really feel like drinking straight up ice cream, drink this instead. If you’re not into almonds, drink regular Strawberry Milk.

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