Girls and their Allies are Invited to Sign the We Are the Girls Pledge

Plan International USA to Raise $200M by 2024 to Execute Girl-Led Programs to Fight Gender Inequality

NEW YORK, Oct. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, on International Day of the Girl, Plan International USA, a leading international development nonprofit supporting girls’ rights, is announcing its We Are the Girls campaign – an innovative, world changing initiative that will raise $200 million by 2024 to amplify the voices of girls in the U.S. and around the world and fight the root causes of gender inequality

(PRNewsfoto/Plan International USA)

(PRNewsfoto/Plan International USA)

Starting today, Plan USA is inviting the world to support girl leaders around the world by making a gift and taking the We Are the Girls pledge online at The $200 million We Are the Girls campaign will support programs that have shown successes in improving girls’ sense of agency, shifting gender dynamics and creating positive environments for learning. In 13+ countries around the world, We Are the Girls’ donations will support girl-led programs that fight against child trafficking, stops child marriage, makes cities safer for girls, keeps girls in school and creates economic opportunities for girls. Plan’s campaign will also develop young leaders and advocates in the U.S. and around the world to fight against stereotypes and harmful practices that stand in the way of achieving gender equality. Girls are invited to join the community and invite their friends and families to lend their voices as allies in the fight against gender inequality and gender-based stereotypes. Together with our supporters, Plan USA’s vision is to ultimately influence and change not only the way the world sees girls, but the way girls see themselves — for themselves, and for everyone.

“For far too long, the voices, hopes, and desires of girls and young women have been muted and overlooked, especially by people in positions of power. Girls possess limitless potential, and they know what needs to change in their communities. We as allies can stand alongside girls to fight the root causes of inequality and make sure their voices are heard. We are extremely proud to announce this important campaign and support girls and young women as they re-define themselves to the world and emerge as powerful leaders,” said Vicki Escarra, Plan USA board member & chair of the We Are the Girls campaign.

With more than $165 million raised to date, We Are the Girls is Plan’s largest fundraising campaign in its 85year history and builds on the organization’s deep commitment to gender equality and girl-led approach. Through its annual State of the World’s Girls report, youth-led advocacy and girl-led programs, We Are the Girls has been calling attention to the unique challenges adolescent girls face. From fighting trafficking in Nepal to addressing online harassment and abuse in the U.S., Plan is delivering impactful programs and fighting for policy changes that fundamentally address the root causes of inequality. More recently, Plan USA partnered with Unsplash, one of the internet’s largest sources of freely usable visuals, for the campaign’s premiere activation to challenge prevailing stereotypes present in our visual media and algorithms.

For International Day of the Girl, Plan USA will host Takeovers where girls and young women aged 14-22 will swap places with an executive leader for the day to assume positions of power and realize their full potential. For the 10th anniversary of International Day of the Girl, Plan USA is partnering with AstraZeneca,, and Vertex, to host these Takeovers. We Are the Girls activations will continue into 2023, working with girls to address key issues around important moments in time such as International Women’s Day and Menstrual Health Day.

“Equal opportunity and gender equity are critically important to a world in which all of us – our thoughts, ideas, and concerns – can be heard. Plan USA’s We Are the Girls campaign will help advance a future in which girls and young women are central decision makers in the issues that most affect them,” said Shelley Zalis, CEO of The Female Quotient and Honorary co-chair of Plan USA’s We Are the Girls campaign.

“Plan USA’s We Are the Girls Campaign is an investment in the future by those who are driven to make change where it matters most – girls’ lives around the world. In partnering with girls and working hand-in-hand with them to fight for economic equity, safety, and universal education, we are helping motivate the change we see is most necessary. From child trafficking to child marriage, the gendered struggles informing the inequality we see internationally strike us as challenges worth every ounce of effort, belief, and backing,” said Vishwa, Plan USA Youth Advisory board member and We Are the Girls’ campaign cabinet member.

About Plan International USA:

Powered by supporters, Plan International USA partners with adolescent girls, young women and children around the world to overcome oppression and gender inequality, providing the support and resources that are unique to their needs and the needs of their communities, ensuring they achieve their full potential with dignity, opportunity and safety. Founded in 1937, Plan is an independent development and humanitarian organization that is active in more than 80 countries.

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