Poll workers fear trouble after Trump chaos

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Midterm elections 2022: Poll workers fear trouble after Trump chaos

Philadelphia election workers and others across the U.S. drew Trump’s wrath in 2020 as he pushed debunked voter fraud claims. Now security is the new national challenge in the 2022 midterm elections.

  • Election workers in the U.S. have faced threats and fear intimidation from conservative activists.
  • Republicans and conservative groups plan to flood the elections with thousands of “poll watchers.”
  • The Justice Department launched a task force to counter abuse toward poll workers in fall elections.
  • Republicans say poll watchers promote election integrity, and rule breakers will be kicked out.

PHILADELPHIA – Lisa Deeley was just looking for some fresh air when the local election chief, in the midst of certifying the local 2020 vote, stepped outside the downtown convention center for a simple walk that would turn her life upside down.

Unknowingly, Deeley’s path took her headlong into the viewfinder of a camera-wielding Donald Trump supporter who unleashed a torrent of insults, falsely accusing the city commissioner of election fraud and demanding unauthorized access to the vote count.

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