Polycon brings in cutting-edge technology of rotolining

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To ensure outstanding quality, Polycon has invested heavily in new infrastructure to enhance its polymer lining capabilities.

Polymer lining is a unique corrosion protection technology that has significant advantages over other existing lining and coating technologies. Polycon’s lining technology applies a uniform and seamless polymer lining on the internal surface of steel structures such as pipelines, plant piping, fittings, vessels, tanks, or other complex components.

The seamless lining, without weld joints ensures increased corrosion protection against most corrosive chemicals like, acids, alkalis, crude oil, saline water etc., stops permeation of the fluid media to the steel surface and helps extend the life of your assets.

Polycon’s new state-of-the-art plants in Abu Dhabi – UAE, KSA, Oman and Bahrain manufacture far superior rotolining products with a better surface finish unmatched by other conventional machines.

Polycon has the capability to carry out rotolining of pipe spools (2 to 120 inches diameter & 6 meter of length) and tanks, up to 30,000 liters used to store chemicals.

Polycon’s valued customers includes ADNOC Group & Dry Docks World Dubai in UAE, ARAMCO in KSA, Oman DryDock and Oxy in Oman, ASRY in Bahrain to name a few.

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