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Piers Morgan: Andrew should be stripped of remaining privileges and titles

In his column for The Sun, Piers Morgan said: “The prospect of Her Majesty being dragged into this repulsive sewer at the age of 95, with all the salacious global headlines that would have inevitably ensued, was an outrageous, totally unacceptable situation which could have inflicted terminal damage on the Monarchy.

“So, he’s thrown in the towel and doled out the dollars to get himself off the rap, which at least will spare his poor mother, his family, and the country, any more of this deeply unedifying saga.

“But let’s be very clear: for a senior member of the Royal Family to pay a small fortune to settle a case involving alleged sexual abuse of a minor is the most serious scandal to hit the Monarchy in modern times.

“And the court of public opinion has swiftly concluded that by buying off his accuser, Andrew’s shown that once again, it’s one rule for the rich and powerful, another for the rest of them.

“Make no mistake – Andrew is now finished. There can be no way back to any form of public life for the Queen’s second, and some say favourite, son.

“He must be immediately stripped of all remaining titles and privileges that come with being a Prince and despatched to the ignominious obscurity that his appalling behaviour demands.”






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