Quick Breakfast Recipes: 5 Yogurt-Based Recipes To Kick-Start Your Morning

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Realising its many health benefits, people have been regularly consuming yogurt for hundreds of years. One of the benefits that yogurt – a probiotic – offers is weight management and digestion. A popular dairy product that’s made by the bacterial fermentation of milk, it is widely available and easily produced in homes across the country. Not only is it high in calcium, but it is also a powerhouse of protein. Besides, yogurt boosts immunity in the fight against gastrointestinal infections and respiratory issues like common cold and flu. While it can be had standalone, when added to recipes, it enhances their taste, enriches their flavour and adds the often overlooked nutritional value. Having yoghurt for breakfast is a nice and pleasing way to start the day. Considering this, we bring you  some delicious yogurt-based recipes that are easy to make and can help you kick-start the morning on a pleasant note, Let’s take a look.

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Here Are 5 Must-Try Yogurt (Curd) Recipes For Breakfast: 

1.Yoghurt Kebabs:

Using hung curd as a base, this recipe also has cottage cheese or paneer, raisins and dry fruits. Spray a little pepper powder and you are all set for a crispy-outside-and-creamy-inside breakfast.

2.Potato And Yoghurt Salad

There’s probably nothing better than a bowl full of nicely prepared salad to start the day. It is fulfilling as well as light and keeps the mood upbeat throughout the day.

3.Curd Rice

If you want to have something heavy for breakfast to keep going for long, curd rice can be a perfect option for you. Popular in South Indian states like Kerala, it is one of the easiest dishes you can make for breakfasts, especially if you have some leftover rice from your last meal. All you need to do is mix curd and rice in a bowl, add some tadka and consume. 

4.Dahi Bhalla:

A popular North Indian snack, it can also make for a perfect breakfast on the days you want to have something out-of-the-box. Here vada is topped with sweet and sour chutney and topped with chilled curd. Tantalise your senses early morning with this mouth-watering recipe.

5.Oats, Yogurt And Fruits:

A medley of essential macro and micronutrients for breakfast is an intelligent choice. It will provide you with the energy you need to go through those flurry of morning meetings.

Now that you have these amazing recipes handy, we suggest try them out and enjoy a balance of health and taste.

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