Raising taxes was ‘last thing I wanted to do’, says Rishi Sunak

The minister for refugees, Lord Harrington, has told Times Radio he was assured by the Prime Minister “there was no reason for delay” in efforts to accept refugees from the war in Ukraine. 

He said: When I was asked to do this job…I was told by the Prime Minister, very clearly, there was no reason for delay.

“The only thing he insisted on was security checks…And then, as soon as I was appointed, in my first meeting I went into the home secretary’s office and shut the door, leaving all officials behind.

“I spoke to her and I asked her that very question. She said, “Richard, we need people here. We need as many as possible. We’ve got to speed up on this.”

“So certainly, at the top political level, there (was) absolutely no obstacle, no reason for this. I do feel that the procedure, from my side of things, was too bureaucratic and we’ve taken action to do that (resolve it).”






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