‘RHONY’s Newest Cast Member Lizzy Savetsky Is A Former Beauty Queen

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The Real Housewives of New York is about to be double the drama, and double the fun.

As fans of the longstanding reality show may know, season 13 of RHONY was a dark one that ended reunion-less with several women in deadlocks about alcoholism, COVID protocol, and a big fallout from Black Shabbat.

With all that drama and a ratings dive, executive producer Andy Cohen announced the show was breaking into two different RHONY shows. One would be a legacy show with some of the older cast members, and the second would be a reboot that could breathe some much-needed life into the series.

Today, the New York Post broke the news of the reboot’s first official cast member: fashion influencer Lizzy Savetsky, who is hopefully here to “make it nice.” Or not! I love the chaotic brand of housewives better than the “nice” ones.

“This is the most multicultural, diverse, energetic, and exciting city in America: We are searching for a multicultural group of friends who really best reflect the most exciting city in the country,” Andy Cohen told Variety. “We’re looking for a group of women who are real friends, and who are of diverse backgrounds, races, and religions.”

And what better way to showcase energy, excitement, and diversity than an influencer who carries a (presumably) custom handbag with “chutzpah” emblazoned across it and posts Yiddish Word of The Week reels to her Instagram page!

While there’s no air date for the reboot, it’s definitely not too soon to get acquainted with the new cast. Everyone meet RHONY‘s newest star, Elizabeth “Lizzy” Savetsky.

Who is Lizzy Savetsky?

Lizzy is a digital influencer who “uses her platform to advocate for causes close to her heart,” she writes on her website. Plus, she’s got more than 200,000 followers on Instagram already. She’s very dedicated to her activism around all-things Israel, and works with several non-profits to help support Jewish people.

Of course, she also uses her IG to share her fashion ~looks~, her Jewish faith, and some behind-the-scenes glimpses of parenthood.

Lizzy received her bachelor’s degree from New York University, and then went on to get her master’s degree in education from the University of Pennsylvania, according to her LinkedIn.

What does she do?

Besides her philanthropic work, Lizzy also runs a fashion and accessories blog called ExcessoriesExpert.com and is the director of social media for Seventh House Public Relations, according to her LinkedIn.

Where is Lizzy from?

Although she fits right in with the New York crowd, Lizzy actually grew up in Forth Worth, Texas! She told Aish.com that she was a straight A student, a cheerleader, a country music singer, and participated in Miss Teen Texas.

“I was a chronic perfectionist, never satisfied and always wanting more. I wanted everything. I wanted to be at the right parties and wear the right outfit. I wanted to be everything to everyone. Wherever I was, I was killing it,” she told the outlet.

Who is Lizzy’s husband, and what does he do?

In a *shocking* turn of Real Housewives events, Lizzy’s husband Ira Savetsky, is…a plastic surgeon!

Dr. Ira Savetsky specializes in aesthetic surgeries for the face, nose, breast and body, his IG bio says. It comes as no surprise to anyone that he has a “particular interest in facial rejuvenation and rhinoplasty,” per his website.

What else does she do?

Lizzy isn’t just an influencer, she’s also busy in the charity and social justice scenes, too. In fact, Lizzy helped found a social media movement called “Real Love, Real Loss” that works to de-stigmatize pregnancy loss for Jewish women and she has raised nearly $60,000 for a Torah for the Israeli army in memory of these lost pregnancies, she writes on her website.

Lizzy also has an IGTV series called BASHERT that helps Jewish singles find love. You will catch me binging this ASAP.

What is her net worth?

There is no official word on Lizzy’s net worth, but given her designer wardrobe and her husband’s occupation, it’s safe to say she is doing just fine!

Does she have kids?

Yes! You can catch Lizzy’s three kids, Stella, Juliet, and Ollie, teaching everyone about the Torah and Yiddish words on Instagram.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be watching Stella Savetsky Torah corner until the show airs.

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