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Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko speaks with CNN on Saturday.
Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko speaks with CNN on Saturday. (CNN)

Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “war criminal” and said Ukrainian forces will not give up as Russian troops are now estimated to be about 15 miles away from Kyiv.

“Please don’t trust Putin, please don’t trust Russia. I think Putin is a war criminal. … He is a mad person,” Poroshenko told CNN while stationed with Ukrainian forces in the capital city.

“But we have less and less ammunition and … we are not giving up. We are not forgive the Putin this type of things and I am absolutely confident that we will fight in every single house, every single street, and every single quarter in Kyiv, in Kharkiv … in all of the cities would be the hell for the Russian soldiers and would be at the end of the day the hell for Putin,” Poroshenko said to CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

“He underestimate unity of Ukraine and that he cannot blow up, cannot break our unity,” he added.

He added that “only five nations support Russia” while “141 nations support Ukraine” — referring to the United Nations General Assembly vote to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine — and said that Ukraine is providing “the end of the Russian Empire.” 

Poroshenko also said that Ukraine needs more military supplies from the West.

“We are ready to fight but we do not need your soldiers. But we need everything: military jet, antitank, anti-aircraft missiles, from nutrition to ammunition, everything,” Poroshenko said.

Poroshenko also referred to the Kremlin’s false, debunked claims about bioweapons in Ukraine as “propaganda.”

“Me as a president of Ukraine can guarantee no chemical, no bacteriological weapons; Ukraine don’t have, don’t have it before and not planning to have it in the future. This is definitely confirmed. This is classical, very important example of the Russian propaganda,” he said.






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