Russia – Ukraine war live updates: hypersonic missiles, Mariupol, Putin demands, gas prices, China, NATO…

Russian invasion of Ukraine headlines

– Brussels begins consideration of Ukraine’s emergency EU application

– President Biden will set off for his European tour later this week

White House says that Russia could be planning a cyber attack on US critical infrastructure.

– Authorities in Mariupol rejectthe Russian order of surrender

– Military experts believe that Russia and Ukraine will enter a stalemate which could lead to more aerial strikes on the part of the Russians.

In speech to Israeli Knesset, President Zelensky urges lawmakers to take a stronger stand against Russia’s actions

– Eight people killed in Monday morning attack on Kyiv shopping center

10 million Ukrainians have fled their homes since the conflict began, says UN

– Russia reportedly bombs Mariupol art school sheltering 400 civilians and confirms the use of hypersonic missiles

Russia – Ukraine conflict information

Putin and many others who support the war in Ukraine have made accusations that the country is full of Nazis. Where do these accusations stem from?

– Can families in the US sponsor Ukrainian refugees?

– Internet access has dropped by 15 percnet in Ukraine. How has Starlink helped?

– What are the key dates for Russia to pay its state bonds?

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