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With environmentally sustainable fashion a way forward for global designers, SAINT International stars Marieka Marston and Maeve Morris brought the hot trend to life in the new issue of the British women’s publication, More or Less. The duo is prominently featured in the biannual magazine’s multipage fashion editorial titled ‘Shell Shocked’, which was shot in Jamaica by London-based photographer Alexandra Leese.

On stylist duty for the shoot done in May was Marika-Ella Ames. The American-born creative, whose father is Jamaican, recounted to The Gleaner, “It was such an incredible experience … I decided for us to shoot in Negril due to the beautiful cave structures on that side of the island, and they did not disappoint.” The editorial was shot in two days at Xtabi Resort and Bloody Bay with a crew of Jamaican talent that comprised styling assistant Kadeem Rodgers, make-up artist Tonisha Kong, hair stylist Tamar Duncan, and producer Carleene Samuels. Ames explained that given the standing of More or Less as “one of the industry’s most coveted fashion magazines with its policy that everything must be vintage, handmade, or natural, nothing can be new … it was a very imaginative process for me as [a] stylist.”

Under The Rock’s west-end sun-kissed skies, Marston and her model peer Morris were outfitted by Ames in a series of seashell-inspired wardrobe pieces by designers and artists Cristina Cabada, Anna Santagelo, Yunnliu, Anna Heim, and Julide Denktasli that included mussel shell skirts, seaweed corset bras, and ear cuffs. Ames said the completed editorial is of particular significance as it was unlike any shoot she had worked on. “Usually, a stylist spends one to two weeks on clothing selection,” she explained, “I spent over three months working on the story concept of shells and contacting emerging designers from London, Paris, and New York to create bespoke pieces.”

The high-profile exposure to a captive readership of European fashion magazine devotees is not lost on the plus-sized Marston. “I love the fact that I won’t be viewed as a stereotypical model. I’m currently SAINT’s only full-figured model and very proud of that,” she told The Gleaner. Continuing, the self-assured beauty said, “Females that have the same body type as me can be inspired to see that our bodies are beautiful. There is room for models with my figure in the industry versus years ago. I love that different bodies are getting a chance.” Marston added that she “felt unique because a recyclable wardrobe isn’t the norm of what I’d usually wear, so modelling the pieces was absolutely a different experience. Seeing creatives making clothes from items out of the sea was pretty cool, and I was honoured to be chosen to be part of the project.” The model’s favourite piece was the Camille Liu-designed uncycled murex shell bra and ear cuff with a wax top. “I’ve never seen an earring or top like that before. I loved it!” she raved.

Meanwhile, for Linstead-resident Morris, her magazine appearance is momentous as it is the first major assignment for an international client. “It was fun as I got to experience a new type of photography, and I have never worn the kinds of swimsuits I did before,” she revealed. The shoot proved a learning curve for her as well. “I tried floating for the first time for one of the shots with Alexandra, and although I can’t swim, I managed to pull it off,” a cheerful Morris disclosed. The new More or Less editorial is the fourth time stylist Ames has collaborated with models from the Dewight Peters-fronted modelling agency for local shoots. She has previously worked on magazine assignments for System, Gothic, and Naatal, photographed across several parishes.

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