Self-Made Model Amanda Awayda Is on Her Way to Becoming a Media Sensation

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You can make anything possible if you want it badly enough. Successful people in different industries prove that. Though they may not always say it, most didn’t have a smooth journey. Challenges, failures, and discouragements are part of the process. You must, therefore, be willing to persevere and work hard every day to establish yourself. Amanda Awayda, a model and entrepreneur, understands that perfectly.

After being featured in several high-profile publications, Amanda is on her way to becoming a media sensation. Her unique style and stunning portfolio have caught the attention of fashion insiders and media outlets alike, and she is poised to make a major impact in the fashion industry. Amanda is already establishing herself as a powerhouse in multiple ways.

Mostly self-taught, Amanda is a professional model, entrepreneur, and influencer in the fashion industry. Her beauty, work ethic, and enthusiasm have landed her prestigious opportunities. Amanda has been on the covers of some of the biggest fashion magazines in the world, such as Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, Glamour, Grazia, and L’OFFICIEL.

On top of that, her professionalism has snagged her great connections in the industry. Amanda is currently signed to 5 top modeling agencies where she has modeled and partnered with renowned brands such as Fabletics, Adore Me, SHEIN, Guy Tang, Yandy, and Hairfinity, among others. Additionally, Amanda is a fashion icon to thousands of people across the world. So far, she has successfully grown a loyal fan base and following on different social platforms. Cumulatively, she has 250K+ followers across TikTok, Instagram, and BIGO Live, and plans to start posting to YouTube soon.

A good deal may not know this, but Amanda possesses more than just ethereal looks and an ability to make anyone else appear drab. She is the very personification of ambition, determination, and charisma. While her relatability makes her a good fashion icon, her diligence keeps opening doors for her. Amanda says everything she has done came through her own efforts, right from her entry into the fashion world.

No one in Amanda’s life was in modeling or fashion. Gorgeous as she is, finding her footing in the industry was not easy. Even after landing many opportunities, she had to be resilient when building her empire. When the going got tough, she says she trusted herself and allowed her intuition to take over. She also worked harder than before every single day. Most importantly, Amanda closed her ears and blocked out other people’s opinions. She still doesn’t allow anyone to tell her what she can and can’t do.

Amanda A

Amanda believes nothing is impossible to achieve, and that’s why she’s not slowing down. She is currently working on her fashion and beauty brand that she plans to launch soon. Meanwhile, Amanda will continue to grow a large social media following and make brand deals. She believes she will be a top public figure, influencer, and entrepreneur in the beauty and fashion space in a few years.

Amanda is also intentional about encouraging other up-and-coming models and entrepreneurs. To accomplish anything in life, she says you must first know your capabilities. Then, you must stick by them even when it seems like nothing is happening. As her own life proves, hard work is never in vain. The little things you do consistently will one day pay off and catapult your career.







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