Study shows less snacking and reduced meal size, when using Epitomee’s novel weight management aid

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The 12-week open label study, that was led by a group of international research, presented by Prof. Donna H Ryan, demonstrated that the weight-loss, induced by the Epitomee’s capsule, was supported by an early satiety, smaller meal size and less snacking.1 These results indicate that clinically meaningful weight loss, following the use of Epitomee’s capsule, is correlated with satiety, less snacking, and a reduced meal-size.

The Epitomee capsule will be commercialized by Nestlé Health Science, a global leader in nutritional health and wellness, which holds the global distribution rights. “Epitomee is a breakthrough technology and has the potential to provide a safe, efficacious, and convenient solution to millions of patients and consumers struggling with overweight or obesity. Delivering science-based nutritional health solutions to help fight obesity and metabolic disorders is an important part of our commitment to patients and consumers.” said Yu Cheng, Global Head of Metabolic Health at Nestlé Health Science.

“This important study provides strong evidence, that the Epitomee capsule significantly reduces weight and has also a proven impact on patients experience and quality of life, through satiety, reduced snacking and meal size. This is yet another vote of confidence in the Epitomee important contribution to a successful weight loss and another step forward towards the US market.” Said Dr Dan Hashimshony, CEO of Epitomee.

About Epitomee:
Epitomee Medical is a public company, developing and commercializing ingestible therapeutic devices, aimed to tackle some of today’s most prevalent chronic diseases in a safer and more efficacious way.

About Nestlé Health Science
Nestlé Health Science, a leader in the science of nutrition, is a globally managed business unit of Nestlé. We are committed to redefining the management of health, offering an extensive portfolio of science-based consumer health, medical nutrition, pharmaceutical therapies, and vitamin and supplement brands. Our extensive research network provides the foundation for products that empower healthier lives through nutrition. Headquartered in Switzerland, we have more than 11,000 employees around the world, with products available in more than 140 countries. 

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1: Shirin H, Neeland IJ, Ryan DH, de Luis D, Lecube A, Magos Z, Kenan Y, Amir R, Johansen OE. Effects of a Biodegradable Device on Satiety, Snacking, and Meal-size in People with BMI 27- 40 kg/m2
Obesity Week 2022, late-breaking poster, ID-240 

Company Contact:
Safi Landskroner VP BD & Marketing
[email protected]


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