SyntheticMR Expands with a New Subsidiary in Japan

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August 30, 2022 — SyntheticMR announced today that they are expanding with a new subsidiary in Japan. The subsidiary will be led by Yusuke Shimizu, Head of Sales Japan at SyntheticMR. 

SyntheticMR has already an established customer base in Japan with potential for growth. 

”It is important to have a local team that are experts on the Japanese market. It’s a necessary step to build trust and be able to give the best possible support to our customers,” says Ulrik Harrysson, CEO, SyntheticMR. 

In 2019 the company established their first subsidiary in USA and earlier this year SyntheticMR announced a new established subsidiary in India. Today SyntheticMR announced the establishment of their new subsidiary in Japan. This will be their third subsidiary and will be led by Yusuke Shimizu, Head of Sales Japan at SyntheticMR. 

Among the countries in the APAC region, Japan is the third largest on the market for MRI. SyntheticMR’s local team in Japan is growing and they already have an established customer base. In 2021, SyntheticMR hosted a customer event with over 30 attendees at the Embassy of Sweden in Tokyo. This new subsidiary will strengthen the collaborations with regional strategic partners and the relationship with the local customer base. 

”We are proud about the fact that we are expanding globally. With local experts, we increase our expertise in the current markets,” says Ulrik Harrysson, CEO, SyntheticMR. 

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