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Good morning everybody and welcome along to another and a weekend edition of our daily MARCA in English American financial news blog, where we’ll bring you updates of all the financial news and benefits schemes from around the United States this Sunday, October 16.

This space continues to be updated, even on weekends, so we’ll keep you up to date with money-saving tips and the like.

There is an update on child tax benefits and stimulus checks, with those eligible for the former now having just under one month to apply.

Meanwhile, the price of the dollar continues to soar, which has been causing some problems overseas and poses a potential risk to the global economy. We’ll have more on that, including the warning issued by the IMF relating to the disastrous effects this could have on food supply.

In this space, we’ll also outline how you can save money on things like tax payments, gas prices and more.

So follow along with us this Sunday, with all updates following on below and with the most recent ones being those nearest the top.

American Finances Updates, Sunday, October 16: The latest money-saving tips and benefits news.

So, this is our MARCA In English financial news blog, where we bring you daily information on the benefits programs worth knowing about in the USA, detailing what they’re called and who is eligible.

As mentioned above, that does still, for the time being, include stimulus checks, which still exist in some states, depending on where you live and your state government’s current policies.

There are also more general money-saving tips worth knowing about, especially at this time of super high inflation.

Gas prices remain very high, especially in certain states, and that’s why you should keep in mind that it is possible to pay a little less at the pumps if you shop around just a little. So, we’ll provide a list for you of cheap gas stations in the major cities across the United States of America.

There really is a lot to discuss today, as there is every day, so follow along with this Sunday’s American financial news blog.

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