Teaching starts at home, continues in classrooms

Downtown Lafayette sign painted in honor of Black History Month -- Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2019

Ezora Proctor remembers sitting around the table with her husband and children at mealtime and the conversations they shared.

They discussed what they’d done at work or at school, the highs and lows of that day, but they didn’t just stick to the present. They also talked about history, about everything and everyone who came before them.

“We have to appreciate the past to appreciate the present,” Proctor said. “Our ancestors worked hard for privileges and rights that we have today.”

Her children are grown, but the 76-year-old pillar of the Black community in Crowley is still having those conversations, coordinating activities and book donations throughout the nationally designated Black History Month. 

She and fellow members of the National Association of University Women are donating books about important people and moments in Black history to students at four elementary schools in her Acadia Parish hometown this month.






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