Tech News LIVE Updates Today: iOS 16.1 launch date, discounts on Apple iPhones, and more

Technology News LIVE Updates Today: Want all the latest updates from the world of tech and science? Find all the important news and updates including the launch date of iOS 16.1, discounts on Apple iPhones, and more here.

LIVE Updates today: Apple has finally released the launch date of iOS 16.1, also Apple iPhone models like iPhone 12, iPhone 13 Mini, among others are available at discounted rates on Amazon. Check all the latest happenings in today’s live updates.

India fires NextGen Agni Prime Ballistic Missile

In the third attempt, India successfully tested Agni Prime Ballistic Missile. Know its importance here- Smashing success! India fires the destructive NextGen Agni Prime Ballistic Missile

Xiaomi beats Samsung, Oppo in Q3 2022

Xiaomi dominates the Indian smartphone mrket in Q3 2022 even as overall shipments declines. Read here- Xiaomi dominates Indian Smartphone market, beats Samsung and Oppo in Q3, 2022

Know how to download iOS 16.1 on your iPhone

Apple is all set to launch iOS 16.1 on October 24. Once released, iPhone users can download it this way. Check steps here- iOS 16.1 coming! Here is how to download it on your iPhone

A killer storm is closer to Earth!

The next Carrington-level solar storm could appear on Earth within two to three decades, according to a study. Know the threat it comes with here- A KILLER solar storm is closer to Earth than you think; Internet to GPS threatened: Study

Motorola to shrink big phones!

Motorola just previewed a rollable OLED smartphone that expands vertically. Here is all you need to know- Motorola to shrink big phones now; See how it rolls its OLED display from bottom

Dangerous asteroid 2022 RB5 moving towards Earth!

NASA has warned that a huge 115-foot wide asteroid will be coming dangerously close to the Earth today, October 22. Read full details here- Dangerous asteroid 2022 RB5 moving towards Earth at 19152 kmph TODAY

Grab amazing discounts on Apple iPhone models

Amazing price drop on several iPhone models including iPhone 12, iPhone 13 mini, and more has been announced on Amazon. Check details here- iPhone 12, iPhone 13 mini, and more! Grab AMAZING discounts on these Apple iPhones

Android 13 update coming to Windows 11 soon!

Android 13 update is coming for Windows 11 Subsystem, should make integration with Windows PCs better. Read full story here- Android 13 update for Windows 11! Yes, Microsoft to make it happen soon

Get Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G for Rs. 119999 now

Amazon has announced a huge price drop and exciting offers on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G. Check the details here: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G price drops 30% on Amazon; get it for 119999 now

Do you use these 5 cool free websites?

These 5 free websites can do everything from using an AI to solve complex equations, creating bots that can automate tasks, show you walking tours of cities and much more. Check the list here- These 5 COOL free websites can do the Unthinkable! Check the list

iOS 16.1 to launch on October 24

The official release date of iOS 16.1 is finally out. Apple will release iOS 16 on Monday, October 24, 2022. Check more details here: iOS 16.1 set for release; from Live Activities to Clean Charging, check new iPhone features






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