Texas Bikers Serve Hot Meals to Those in Need – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

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On Tuesday morning a long line formed outside the Community Food Bank in Fort Worth. While clients waited to get boxes of groceries, they also waited in line for a free hot meal.

“If we can’t help them people then we’re not doing our job,,” Adam Rentscheler of Texas Bikers Helping Texas said.

Rentscheler calls himself a “motorcycle preacher.”

“I was given the name ‘preacher’ cause that’s all I ever talk about,” Rentscheler said. “They don’t need to know who I am, or who anybody in that trailer is, as long as they know the Lord I’m happy.”

Texas Bikers Helping Texas has a five-year history of helping the Community Food Bank.

“We take pride that we have partners that will come out and feed them a hot meal,” Regena Taylor, Community Food Bank Executive Director, said. “It takes a village to do everything.”

Texas Bikers Helping Texas served free hot breakfast and lunch to anyone in line.

“I understand the commercialization of Christmas,” Rentscheler said. “But guess what? There’s people out there who don’t have a bottle of water!”

“Back when I was younger I didn’t have that,” Community Food Bank client Robby Ray Long said.

“Don’t turn a blind eye. Lend a hand when you can,” Rentscheler said. “Somebody might need your hand.”

Texas Bikers Helping Texas is planning a fundraising ride on Sunday to help the family of Athena Strand, the 7-year-old girl from Paradise who was kidnapped and killed.

The Community Food Bank is collecting donations for Christmas. You can find their Walmart Wish List here, and Amazon Wish List here.

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