The Best Type Of Dishes To Make With Crab Claw Meat

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The most straightforward preparation for crab claws is to do as little as possible to them. They are sought-after for their unabashed crab flavor, so it stands to reason that getting out of the way is a much-suggested tack.

Tip Buzz has a rundown on how to select and prepare the proper crab claws for varying tastes. They suggest going with Stone Crab claws or those of Jonah Crabs. Stone Crabs are typically caught off Florida’s Atlantic coast part of the year and along the West Coast (where they are called rock crabs) year-round. Slightly less expensive Jonah Crabs are taken closer to New England.

Most claws, they note, are sold pre-cooked and frozen, so all that is needed is a thaw in room-temperature water for a few hours. They can then be served chilled or warmed, which they suggest is best done in a steamer. As to accompaniments, chilled generally pair well with a bracingly sharp cocktail sauce, and warmed-through crab claws — like many of their crustacean counterparts — do well with a quick dip in warm butter, possibly flavored with lemon zest and fresh herbs, notes Wonderful Cook.

If you’re looking to jazz your crab claws up even further, MyRecipes suggests adding garlic and green onion for a bit more assertive flavor and bacon for a smoky richness.

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