‘The Sporting News 7’ podcast: March Madness stunner for Auburn, Steve Kerr cries foul after Warriors loss

Miami stuns Auburn to reach Sweet 16, Steve Kerr calls foul over Warriors loss, and the Bengals beef up their offense as La’el Collins hits town.

For a rundown of those stories and more, check out The Sporting News 7, a podcast that brings you the seven biggest sports stories in seven minutes at 7 a.m. ET every weekday. 

Building on the award-winning journalism of The Sporting News, you’ll get all you need to know in one handy, bite-sized podcast hosted by Demetria Obilor. 

The Sporting News 7 is a unique take on the day’s biggest talking points in sports, and you can find it on Spotify, Apple or wherever you get your podcasts.

Here are the seven stories you’ll hear about on Monday, March 21, 2022:






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