Top 10 Cryptocurrencies to Turn US$100 to US$1000 on Long-Term


March 25, 2022


Cryptocurrencies hold the power to enhance value in crypto wallets in the nearby future

The cryptocurrency market is continuously on the news for welcoming new cryptocurrencies almost every day in this highly volatile ecosystem. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies available for smart investments that can help crypto investors to earn a profit in long term. But there are also high risks of incurring a huge loss due to the massive drop in cryptocurrency prices. Profitable cryptocurrencies are attracting the eyes of crypto investors to fill in crypto wallets with tokens. These digital currencies ensure that these can turn US$100 to US$1000 in crypto wallets efficiently and effectively with time. Let’s not wait anymore and find out which top cryptocurrencies can help to become crypto millionaires in 2022 in the long term.


Top Ten Cryptocurrencies to Increase the Value of Crypto Wallets


Bitcoin needs no introduction in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market as the topmost cryptocurrency for a long time. It is helping crypto investors to regulate thousands of dollars in crypto wallets with its fast payment without any central authority. Some countries have started accepting this profitable cryptocurrency for different purposes such as oil, gas, salary, and many more.



Ethereum is the second-most profitable cryptocurrency for crypto investors in 2022 along with its Ethereum 2.0 version. It is one of the first crypto currencies to launch decentralized smart contracts with open-source blockchain. It was designed to make any program more robust as well as censorship-resistant to combat potential cyberattacks. Each transaction takes a maximum of 16 seconds across the world.



Solana is one of the top crypto currencies to act as the fastest blockchain in the world as well as the fastest-growing ecosystem in the cryptocurrency market. Crypto investors are attracted to Solana for its censorship-resistant blockchain infrastructure with the Solana Mainnet Beta network.



Cardano is one of the popular profitable crypto currencies that has extended recent gains to reach a six-week high for crypto investors to yield profit in crypto wallets. Cardano is known as a third-generation blockchain just after Ethereum. The transaction speed takes an average of five to seven minutes while achieving 257 transactions per second.


Seesaw Protocol

Seesaw Protocol is one of the emerging top crypto currencies with a cross-chain protocol to enhance proof-of-concept for crypto investors. It is at a presale phase as a multi-chain DeFi platform and has been raised to 2500% since the beginning. It is known as the low-utility token that helps crypto investors to transfer data among Ethereum, Binance, and Polygon blockchains.



Bitgert is one of the biggest developments in the cryptocurrency market out of different kinds of cryptocurrencies. It offers zero gas fee mechanism to attract crypto investors across the world. The profitable cryptocurrency has recently launched Bitgert chain bridge to allow crypto investors from different blockchains to trade on the fastest chain.



Tezos offers a self-amending decentralized platform as one of the profitable crypto currencies. It supports decentralized applications with smart contracts and on-chain governance. There is also a voting feature for crypto investors to eliminate the splitting of the community. The ICO of this cryptocurrency is one of the most successful in the cryptocurrency market.



Filecoin is known as the peer-to-peer network as a storage cabinet. It allows crypto investors to engage in an open cryptocurrency market for storing and recovering data in crypto wallets. It charges ultra-low fees as well as double-check for storing it at the right place. Filecoin is emerging as one of the public cryptocurrencies based on the Interplanetary File System.



Avalanche is one of the top crypto currencies and the growing blockchain ecosystem. It offers a network of blockchains with the fastest speed as well as better decentralization and scalability than other blockchains. It uses its native blockchain AVAX for network fees, staking AVAX to earn rewards, and storing AVAX NFT collectibles.



Polkadot is one of the profitable crypto currencies to offer lucrative features such as interoperability, scalability, enhanced security, and many more. The aim is to seek the power to decentralize the internet in the nearby future with the parachains connected to the Relay chain.

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