Truth Behind The Squid Game Star’s Drastic Weight Loss

Jung Ho Yeon confidently flaunts her slim and modelesque physique, gracing top-tier fashion magazines left and right and serving fierce looks on the runway.

The majority of the fans know this South Korean beauty from the hit Netflix series Squid Game where she wowed everyone with her stellar performance as player 067 North Korean defector Kang Sae Byeok.

Since then, her popularity skyrocketed. From being the most followed Korean actress, beating Lee Sung Kyung and Song Hye Kyo, to being hailed Adidas and Louis Vuitton’s global ambassador, it is safe to say that the rookie actress is reaping the rewards of her success.

Adding to the list of her achievements is her recent win at the SAG Awards 2022, where she took home Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series for her performance in Squid Game.

At the height of her fame and success, fans also noticed the actress’ drastic weight loss after starring in the Netflix series.

Jung Ho Yeon’s Health Sparks Major Concern Among Netizens

The model-actress often posts campaigns, magazine shoots and basically her activities on Instagram.

However, months after Squid Game was released, netizens pointed out that Jung Ho Yeon lost too much weight.

Jung Ho Yeon tells Star News via AllKpop that she “didn’t even have any time to eat due to the busy schedule.”

In addition, she also acknowledged that she has “lost way too much weight,” adding, “All the clothes that used to fit me when I first came here [to America] are too loose now.”

From her weight of 49kg before, the rookie actress says that she shed off 4kg right after Squid Game premiered globally.

In a separate interview, she tells The Hollywood Reporter that her weight loss is not due to stress, but she is not used to the “feeling” of having a crazy schedule.

At the time, reports noted that Jung Ho Yeon is booked till February 2022.

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Jung Ho Yeon Diet Plan: Squid Game Star is Proud of Her Ant Waist

Being a runway model means one must maintain her weight and figure; hence it needs discipline and focus.

As cited by Jung Ho Yeon’s diet includes a 30-day diet control.

Contrary to what others believe about restructuring yourself to eat as a form of diet, the Vogue cover girl prefers eating a balanced and healthy diet to prevent herself from the urge to binge-eat or munch on junk food and sweets.

Jung Ho Yeon’s diet focuses on intermittent fasting and eating at a specific time.

Interestingly several YouTubers also tried Jung Ho Yeon’s diet, which they based on articles and her Instagram post.

YouTubers Try Jung Ho Yeon’s Diet

Vlogger Tatiana Kurnosova shared her version of the Squid Game star’s possible meal for a day.

For her entry titled Eating like Korean model Squid Game actress Vlog, the YouTuber had a salad or avocado toast with egg for breakfast.

She chose smoothie or banana for her snack while she opted for Korean food or chicken breast with veggies for lunch.

As for her last meal of the day, she lists either salad or sweet potato with chicken or salmon.

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