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Washington, D.C. — A new national survey from U.S. News & World Report’s 360 Reviews finds 74% of recent homebuyers worry about the impact of climate change and natural disasters on their homes, with 45% of recent buyers indicating worry about the value of their home declining.

U.S. News polled 2,000 recent U.S. homebuyers who purchased a home in either 2021 or 2022 about their top worries as recent buyers, how inflation and the supply chain have impacted their home repair or renovation experiences, how they handle unexpected home expenses, and more. Survey responses were weighted in order to be representative of the U.S. population.

The survey finds that more than three in four (78%) recent homebuyers say inflation has impacted their home repair or renovation plans, with more than two in three (70%) indicating supply chain issues have impacted their home repair or home renovation plans. “The ramifications of the pandemic on our economy and way of life at home continue to be felt,” said Scott Nyerges, U.S. News’ 360 Reviews senior insurance editor.

The “New Homebuyer Worries Survey” also highlights specific fears homeowners have associated with natural disasters, such as fires (52%), flooding (49%) and earthquakes (37%). Nyerges added, “These fears are all exacerbated by the looming threat of climate change shifting the reality of Americans’ daily life.”

Additional survey highlights include:

  • 83% of recent homebuyers have experienced homeowner anxiety since buying their home.
  • 69% of recent homebuyers admit to having buyer’s remorse since purchasing their homes, with 33% of this group admitting to having frequent buyer’s remorse.
  • 59% of recent homebuyers worry about home break-ins.
  • 36% of recent homebuyers worry about whether they’ll eventually be able to resell their home.

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