Ubisoft Acquisition Offers Will Be Considered, Says CEO

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot told investors during an earnings call that the company has the resources to stay independent but he would consider buyout offers if doing so was in stakeholders’ interest. Guillemot made his comments in light of recent high-profile acquisitions, and the accompanying discourse and concerns surrounding consolidation in the games industry. Ubisoft considers its employees and shareholders as well as players as its stakeholders.

Why Ubisoft acquisition offers would be considered

“We have always taken our decisions in the interest of our stakeholders, which are our players, employees and shareholders,” Guillemot said. “So Ubisoft can remain independent. We have the talent, the industrial and the financial scale, and a large portfolio of powerful IP. Having said that, if there were an offer to buy us, the board of directors would of course review it in the interest of all stakeholders.”

Ubisoft declined to speculate about why it hasn’t received a buyout offer yet and refused to reveal if it has received an offer at all. The company stressed that it has high-value assets and can hold its own fort despite the consolidation seen elsewhere.

Opinion: A potential Ubisoft acquisition is no small matter

Zarmena writes… Ubisoft might not be the home of Skyrim and Call of Duty, but it does have Assassin’s Creed, Rainbow Six, and Far Cry among other valuable IPs. Interestingly, the company fought hard to remain independent after French media conglomerate Vivendi attempted a hostile takeover between 2015 and 2018, so Guillemot’s comments are a bit surprising. Would Ubisoft consider an offer by Microsoft or Sony? Hmmm…

In other news, it’s Horizon Forbidden West day and there’s a day-one patch waiting for those who bought the disc version, and Marvel’s Avengers next update is coming in March but there’s no roadmap so you’ll have to guess what’s coming for now.

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