Undercover Boss USA: Single dad in tears as boss gives him £40k towards childcare | Personal Finance | Finance

He said: “Damon you’re a great trainer.

“You took the time to show me everything about your restaurant and I thank you for that. We had a chance to share personal stories and I want to see you succeed.”

Mr Damico went onto share a story with Damon about his younger brother. He had to go through a liver transplant and his father’s boss took care of his father and made the transportation happen.

He added: “My father’s boss took care of him, so that he could take care of others and I really want to take care of you.
“I want to give you $15,000 (around £12,600) to get the best reliable car that you can.

“And I understand how expensive childcare can be so I want to give you $20,000 (around £14.600) cash and I want you to use that for quality day care so that when you come to Moe’s and work, you’re not worrying about your daughter or what her day care is looking like.”






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