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Viewers of Channel 4’s Undercover Boss USA saw president of the discount retail chain reward Chanel, a customer service assistance for being such a positive and uplifting person within the business. Undercover Boss USA shows the journey of bosses who go in disguise among their own staff to see where their firm is excelling and where it needs improvement.

Chanel is a single mother of two who works as customer service assistance in one the Family Dollar stores. After going undercover and working under Chanel as a trainee assistant, Mr Bloom wanted to reward her for all her hard work in his company.

Despite working with her for such a short space of time, Mr Bloom thought that she was “the most positive and uplifting person” he had met.

After revealing himself to her as COO of the company, he wanted to help her and her family.

He said: “I want to pay for an apartment for you for a year.

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“I’m going to give you $15,000 (around £11,000) to do that.

“I hope that takes care of rent, the first month and security.”

In complete shock, Chanel burst out into tears.

Mr Bloom continued: “I want to do something else for you. We’re going to promote you. Your increase effective immediately is a 40 percent raise.


Chanel was a foster child who had to leave the system because she fell pregnant, so she felt as though they had “kicked her out”.

She was forced to go into a shelter and start looking for other spaces to live. Luckily, she was able to find an apartment.
She started university; however, she fell pregnant with her second child so had to drop out.

Chanel continued: “Currently right now, my living situation a little awkward.

“I’m living with my mother-in-law, but I’m a single mom.

“It’s not about where you came from, it’s about where your plans are to go in life.”

Inspired by her words and attitude he was more than willing to help her.






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