‘US raised a Frankenstein monster in China for political interest’: Gurumurthy slams West

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“For geopolitical interests, the US allowed China’s participation into World Trade Organisation (WTO). It raised a Frankenstein,” said S Gurumurthy, Editor Tughlak, RSS ideologue & Chairman Vivekanand International Foundation at the Republic Business Summit. Setting the premise on how the United States promoted China in the global trade body, he further expanded on the position of how the USA felt, and the phenomenon of globalisation gave the country a free run over its hold on global affairs.

Gurumurthy said, “With the main enemy finished and one enemy at the feet (referring to China). But that enemy had a longer plan. We (China) will take our time and they were able to do it. They allowed the Chinese into the WTO but in 2016, American and EU trade representatives filed an application in the WTO – China is not a market economy.” However, on the Chinese side, the perception was, they are a market economy simply on the notion of their acceptance in the WTO, he added.

‘In China, USA raised a Frankenstein monster’: S Gurumurthy

USA and the EU threatened to withdraw from the global trade body if China is not declared a market economy, said Gurumurthy. “In 2019, WTO declared China is not a market economy. Everyone knew China was not a market economy. For your (USA) geopolitical interests, you allowed China. The country has trampled you today. According to me, America raised a Frankenstein monster in China. Only because of the American, the institution was invaded by China itself.”

Before speaking to Republic Media Network’s Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, the RSS Ideologue spoke on ‘The Indian Way’. As a part of his speech, he questioned and raised doubts about the presence of the phenomenon of globalisation. “Does anyone talk about Globalisation these days? No, it’s over,” he said and also referred to how the strength of the Indian civilisational base is powering the country’s economy and democracy, whereas the western liberal democracy is under stress. “The entire western liberal democracy is under great stress. They’ve come to an average 45% of voting. Indian democracy and economy is strong because of Indian civilisation base. Nation first approach has shaken the world.”

Image: Republic World

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