USA World Cup game helps bring people together and support local Cedar Rapids business

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) -When Michael Herzberger started the Cedar Rapids Soccer Watch Group 3 years ago – it was just him and a couple of friends.

Now hundreds join them to cheer on the red white and blue.

“it’s really neat seeing all the people out here to support USA and soccer.” Said Herzberger.

He says watch parties like this can help grow support for soccer especially for younger fans.

Herzberger said “You can see there there’s a lot of kids here there’s a bunch of you know CRSA and FC United just different league kids here so them being here and being able to experience this be their first memory of the world cup and it’s only going to grow.”

The event also helped get people shopping at local businesses.

“Yeah the World Cups are great they really get people excited they come out and obviously they drink and they shop at the market.” Ryan Schloss the Director of Visitor Service at Newbo.

Herzeberger says that the future of the sport both on a national and local scale is very bright.

Herzeberger “You know from 20 years ago there weren’t many soccer supporters now backing new beau with you know hundreds of people that watch this excited and i can’t wait to see what the next you know 10 15 years brings for soccer and iowa as well.”

USA would draw against England 0-0

The Cedar Rapids Soccer Watch Group will host a watch party against Iran on Tuesday at 1:00pm at Scores on 33rd at 3287 6th ST SW, Cedar Rapids, IA, United States, Iowa.

The U.S. will cohost the the 2026 World Cup with Mexico and Canada.

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