USC rushes Caleb Williams-signed products to the market in NIL move

It wasn’t even 24 hours before USC started to market new transfer quarterback Caleb Williams.

After a long period of waiting, Williams finally announced his decision to head to USC to team up with Lincoln Riley.

Shockwaves went through the world of college football once again thanks to Riley. Then, USC started to sell Williams’ autographed gear online.

Williams was contemplating among UCLA, LSU, Wisconsin, and USC, but the Trojans were always expected to be the landing spot.

Could NIL money have been a factor in Williams’ decision? Perhaps, and so far, USC is wasting zero time.

The cheapest item is an autographed football at $199. The most expensive item is an autographed authentic helmet, priced at a whopping $549.

Once again, the NIL continues to bring benefits to athletes in college sports.

However, it probably wasn’t the NIL that swayed Williams to head to Los Angeles. Riley being the head coach for the Trojans seems like the easiest way to explain his reasoning as the Trojans’ overhaul continues.

Still, USC wasted no time getting Williams’ John Hancock on some memorabilia, and since he’s an early Heisman Trophy candidate, the value of these items could skyrocket by the time the 2022 season ends.

Things are looking good for USC and for Caleb Williams, the Trojans’ new starting quarterback. Keep letting that sink in.

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