USDA/NIFA grant awarded to evaluate Lisi Global’s directed energy technology as replacement for methyl bromide fumigation

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RICHLAND, Wash., Nov. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LISI GLOBAL, Inc., announced its participation in the latest US Department of Agriculture/National Institute of Food and Agriculture grant focused on methyl bromide replacement. In partnership with researchers from Oregon State University and the USDA Agricultural Research Service at OSU, Lisi Global will adapt its breakthrough Directed Energy technology to explore alternative approaches to soil fumigation using electric pulses applied to the soil to control target organisms, and continuous electrical current to heat the soil as a means of disinfection. The two-year study also includes economic analysis to determine how cost-effective these pest management tools will be.

According to OSU professor Dr. Marcelo Moretti, the grant’s Principal Investigator, “Lisi Global’s technology demonstrated efficacy in early greenhouse trials and the impressive results produced in the early stages of their turf pest control efforts make it worthy of evaluating on a larger scale. We are grateful to the USDA/NIFA for the opportunity to look closely at DE Technology as an alternative to fumigation.”

“This is an important opportunity to expand DE Technology into agriculture,” said Jason Crisp, CEO, Lisi Global, “agriculture has been our goal from the beginning. Although our initial market focus has been golf and sports turf with Direct|Turf, the plan has always been to take what we learn on the golf green and apply it to agriculture.” Crisp continued, “That these distinguished researchers recognize its true potential is validation that our technology can impact how growers manage their crops while displacing some of the most harmful chemicals.”

The phase-out of methyl bromide as an agricultural fumigant began two decades ago with no alternatives to take its place. As a result, infestations and crop losses are increasing. Ever since, researchers have been looking for effective alternatives to methyl bromide and similar fumigants with little success. Lisi Global’s Directed Energy Technology is the first of its kind in agriculture, using tailored doses of electricity applied directly to the soil to effectively control soil borne organisms like nematodes and fungal pathogens. Peer-reviewed results can be found here:

Lisi Global is developing ground-breaking applications in the electrification of soil pest control and is the only technology in this very important market space.

Media contact: Director of Partnerships, Conan Doherty, [email protected]

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