‘Viva Magenta’ color beauty products to channel Pantone

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While we’ve been loving the natural ‘Clean-Girl’ Aesthetic makeup, Pantone has decided that 2023 calls for some bolder beauty looks, as they’ve named ‘Viva Magenta’ their color of the year. So, to reign in a season of red hues, we’ve rounded up all the best ‘Viva Magenta’ color beauty products—from matte magenta lipsticks and the best eyeshadow palettes to nail polishes…

While TikTok is obsessed with ‘glazed’ foundation and sunkissed blush makeup, the New Year might very well see a wave of red-themed looks taking center stage—whether it’s bold, red eyeliner or a chic red lip, like Lily Collin’s favorite lipstick for example.

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