War abroad, Ukraine on our minds

Is praising Putin treason? 

Reading that Donald Trump called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “genius” for his “savvy” moves in Ukraine raises profound questions. Is that kind of praise coming from a past and future wannabe president of the United States in the midst of a globally significant crisis tantamount to treason?  

Shouldn’t we be more outraged that a foreign leader, in particular, a ruthless, totalitarian oligarch like Putin, is freely playing into our political divide? Surely, Putin is testing our resolve as we are his. Surely, he sees NATO’s expansion along his borders as a threat, as we do his troops moving into Ukraine. Isn’t this a perfect time for diplomacy, not sabre rattling and political grandstanding, or worse, ingratiating? 

Jack Cooper, Eugene 

A more fitting comparison 

Putin has compared NATO’s eastward expansion to Germany’s invasion of the USSR during World War II. A more apt comparison would be his invasion of Ukraine to “protect” Russians in the Donbas with Germany’s invasion of Czechoslovakia to “protect” Germans in the Sudetenland.  

Lawrence N. Crumb, Eugene 

A depraved fan 

It takes a depraved person to order the brutal invasion of Ukraine, which has already caused the loss of lives, massive destruction, economic devastation and untold suffering. That special depraved person is Vladimir Putin. And it takes another special depraved person to describe Putin’s actions as “savvy,” “smart” and the product of “genius.” That special depraved person is Donald Trump. 






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