Watch Bella Hadid and Evanie Frausto Create an Editorial Updo

Bella Hadid knows how to nail the model off-duty look, pairing well-curated street style ensembles with her signature pulled-back hair. In the latest installment of Vogue’s video series Hairdos, Hadid and hairstylist Evanie Frausto take us through the creation of her infamous face-lifting updo (aka “the snatch”).

In typical Hadid style, she opens a laptop to reveal a slideshow full of photo references, which the pair review before the stylist even touches her head. She has already completed two jobs this day, so her hair is by no means fresh. “When I was doing 14 hour days and have to go to an event at night, I would just pull my hair back. I had to stay awake. When I would do the snatch I couldn’t move my face,” says Hadid of the hairstyle that would ultimately spread around the world. Even Frausto learned this technique from the supermodel.

The duo met while Frausto was working as legend Jimmy Paul’s assistant, though Hadid knew immediately that he’d be a star. The Mexican American stylist’s extravagant looks have since graced the covers of magazines and adorned celebrities from Lil Nas X to Solange to the stars of Euphoria. He and Hadid both love getting “lost in the fantasy” of their work, as Frausto puts it—finding joy in their collaborative conceptions not only as colleagues, but friends.

For the “snatch” aspect of this updo, Frausto sections off the front perimeter of hair, then manipulates the back section into a ponytail, slicking down flyaways with Style Factor’s Edge Booster gel and brushing out any bumps. His hair heroes are drag queens, he tells Hadid: “When I first moved to New York I was homeless basically and taken in by a house of drag queens who lived in Williamsburg. They taught me everything I know about wigs.”

Today, Hadid’s face-framing bangs are a clip-in piece that Frausto carefully attaches along with a set of streaky red extensions. “For so long, I didn’t want to be myself. The reason I love art in general, and film and photography, is because I love to see people be able to change characters,” Hadid muses. To any aspiring models, her advice is to be confident in yourself first. “Keep your own conscience and your own creativity and style. If you’re weird, be weirder.”






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