Watch: How To Make Masala For Shikanji (Recipe Inside)

Even though it’s just March, summer seemed to have arrived in full swing. We are already dreading the weather that will come in the next few months. With constant sweating, hot flushes, and the feeling of being thirsty- we simply don’t want to step out of our homes. And thank God, some of us have the privilege of working from the comfort of our homes. However, that doesn’t stop the hot weather from affecting you. Even if we are indoors, we can easily feel dehydrated. So, if this is something that you also face during summer, it is always advisable to have as much water, juices, summer coolers as possible. Talking about some essential summer coolers, we cannot miss out on a delightful glass of shikanji! As soon as summer arrives, we have seen our mothers mixing water, lemons, some herbs and sugar in a glass to make that perfect glass of shikanji. One sip of this drink, and we instantly feel energised! However, if you want to amp up the typical taste of your shikanji, then it is time to make a premix of shikanji masala at home!

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Summers are all about refreshing drinks. Photo: iStock

With the help of this premix, all you would need to do is take a spoonful of it and mix it with water. So, if you are working from home, outside home or sending your kids to school/college, all you need to do is quickly make a delicious shikanji and pour it in a bottle. Then, anytime you or your loved ones feel hungry or dehydrated, a glass of this will work as perfect refreshment.

The recipe that we bring you today is made by food blogger ‘Cook with Parul.’ It is an easy and quick-to-make masala that you can store in a container and use any time. Read the full recipe below:

Shikanji Masala Recipe I Here’s How To Make Shikanji Masala:

Take a pan and keep it on low flame. Now add jeera to it, slight roast it. Next, take this out in a grinding jar and add another spoon of jeera to it. Also, add black peppercorns, cardamoms, black salt, table salt and ginger powder. Now blend this to a fine powder! Your premix is ready, so mix it in a glass with some lemons and mint and serve!

Watch the full recipe video here:

Make a delicious glass of shikanji in no time, and let us know how you liked its taste!






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